Own Your Voice

Break past Impostor Syndrome.

Build Your Personal Brand.

Speak To Expand Your Influence.


Develop + Launch Your Personal Brand

Define your personal brand, solidify your reputation, create a sustainable online presence that represents your your purpose.


Speaker Business Marketing + Pitching

Uncover your unique position as a speaker. Create your speaker marketing materials, and source paid speaking engagements.


Social Media Strategy For Personal Brands

Plan a sustainable social media strategy that doesn't take all your time, identifies a clear storyline that builds your credibility.


Public Speakers who are ready to make a business from their speaking through an impactful personal brand + speaking strategy.

Entrepreneurs + Executive Directors that know their personal brand and voice can be the most impactful marketing + fundraising resource. 

Professionals who want to own their online reputation before a job search, promotion, or industry transition.

Solopreneurs and Influencers with products who do not want to solely rely on their social media profiles for their income. 

Authors who are ready to gain momentum, earn credibility, and make money.


"Sahar was so great to work with! She held a luncheon for our Members (start-up companies in a coworking space) about personal branding and they raved about how insightful and helpful it was. I definitely recommend her if you need an event speaker or someone experienced to help you build your brand!"

Rachel W.
Community Manager, Primary

"Sahar is a passionate, wise and experienced personal brand expert who has helped me so much during my rebranding process. She goes above and beyond for her clients. Most recently, I had a very important meeting for my TV pilot project with an EVP at Paramount (Viacom) and her guidance beforehand was instrumental in preparing for it adequately and shining during the meeting. Because of her guidance and support, my meeting was a success and more opportunities will be coming my way with this project!"

Nubia W.
Founder, Cielo Consulting

Are you eager to develop your personal brand and public speaking influence, this is for you.

Building a personal brand and polishing your public speaking takes focus, effort and expert guidance, helping you avoid rookie mistakes and allowing you to capitalize on your influence faster.


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