Get 'em singing!


Who comes to mind when you think of “digital role models”? These are folks who have gone above and  beyond with their content, they speak to you in a way that helps you to better understand yourself and trust them. They also speak to you in a way that motivates you, gets you going.


Why do we follow certain accounts or business profiles?

The answer is simple; We want to.


These individuals or brand voices influence us, and we like what they’ve got to give. We follow them to keep getting that fix for fresh content, to keep our minds fed with every shared Instagram post and LinkedIn article.


“I’ve noticed many people focusing on becoming thought leaders within their niches. With so many thought leaders in every niche, now the focus is on creating value. As your personal brand generates value for others, you can gain popularity. People want to work with those they learn from or those who make them look smart.”Sweta Patel, Silicon Valley Startup Marketing


As America’s free market returns to its’ entrepreneurial roots, we’ve witnessed the rise of a new kind of entrepreneur - the solopreneur. Individual men and women who put the team on their back and are climbing the business ladder of success. By combining their profession and passion they created something unique that is solely theirs. The trouble is, in a crowd of independent businesswo(men), everyone ends up looking the same. Now that consumers have a variety of brands to choose from, holding your own is beyond a competitive feat, it’s about establishing an ROI-rich connection.


Own your space, own your voice


How do you stand out to your perfect consumer among the other similarly “built and run” personal brands who also beckon for their attention? Like any human you may know, brands have defining personality traits. No two brands are constructed the same way. This is because the mission and purpose of each brand differs from founder to founder.


The trap that most brands fall into when attempting to attract their customers is thinking that they have to “be like to other personal brands to fit in.” Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to compromise genuinity to build a reputation. The best brands maintain their authenticity as they evolve and expand. Nike is one of many popular sports brands however, you’d never confuse the slogan “Just Do It” with Under Armour or Adidas; it is uniquely a “Nike thing”. This is where brand builders need to bring in their personal flair.


Let’s Get Personal.


Why? Branding and marketing are more than business tactics, they are memories for your consumers. We bet that if we asked you to sit and think through all of the ads you’ve seen, there are at least three that you would remember because of how they made you feel. This is because message makers are memory makers. In reality, they are providing you with an experience. A personal brand has to speak in a way that its target audience will appreciate and feel the effort to speak to them one-on-one. Get in their head, create a memory of your personal brand and insert into their minds.


How? Visualize your personal brand in its entirety - Begin with the basics: What need does it satisfy, what services does it provide? Now, join us on a deeper level and think a little more complex: What is the end goal for that service? As in, how do you want to make your customer’s life better, and what do you want them to do about it? Alright. Pause. Whatever came into your mind, attempt to verbalize this in 5 words, or less. This is how you discern who you are and what you do.


“Education as a trend might sound broad, but brands need to focus on educating potential customers of their business about what it does and how it can serve them. Today’s society is driven by information, which is why this strategy can be effective” - Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers


Write your anthem


Make a definitive statement that is unique to your personal brand’s identifiers, this is the first experience that consumers have with your brand so your statement needs to be distinctive enough to set you apart from the rest, and catchy enough to become memorable.


Personal branding is made up of various moving pieces which are dynamic in nature, and change in accordance to the needs of the customer, we guide you through all that you need to think about in the Voice of Impact membership - a year long program dedicated to equipping you to grow and brand your leadership voice.

While personal branding has been around for some time, its’ rebirth in the digital world marks as uncharted waters. It can be confusing to navigate these oceans even if you are a seasoned captain, but you are not alone out there. Own Your Voice is here to lend a hand and point you in the right direction if you don’t want to do it yourself, Contact Us.