What is it?



Branding is defined as:

An overall experience of a customer that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer.


A company’s brand is the expectation (+ Instagram worthy experience) they want to build for their target audience. A brand is the pledge you take as a business leader to engineer a hands-off relationship with your audience that still feels personal. It is how your product or service sets itself apart in the minds of the end user.


Why is branding important?


Because it provides a face + voice to your business. A brand makes what you’re selling easier to digest, because it takes away the uncertainty the customer faces upon making a decision to partner with your business.


Personal Branding. What the hell is it and how do you use it?


Personal branding is another form of branding.

Instead of a product, service or organization, it’s a human.


Your personal brand is your reputation.

Your personal brand is your champion.

Your personal brand enriches your marketing + PR efforts.

Your personal brand is what you leverage to open doors, land stages, and secure the next move in your career.


How do I leverage my personal brand?


Start with your end-goal.


Are you changing industries? Are you going for a promotion? Are you raising capital for a new startup? Are you giving a voice to a social injustice? Will your personal brand be a main stream of income?


Get clear on your first leverage point, then build a personal brand positioning that aligns your voice with the people that can help you achieve your goal.


For example, our founder, Sahar Paz first developed her personal brand in 2008 when she lost her job in a down economy and had to think of how she could join the gig economy in New York City to not only survive, but thrive. At the time she had articles on MySpace, yes, you read that right, she was rocking her MySpace profile as a blog and wrote about pivoting from finance to fashion, the stark similarities, and the lack of women and minorities at the table. These articles brought two reactions:


  1. Why is she getting so deep on MySpace?

  2. I dig this woman’s perspective, let’s have her come talk to our group.


Guest speaking became paid workshops which turned into an Adjunct Professor position that blossomed into Free Your Star Foundation - a nonprofit that partnered with inner-city schools to provide business-of-fashion programs. From 2009-2012, Sahar leveraged her personal brand and monetized her thought leadership successfully.

The power of personal branding lies in the hands of the voice who creates it.

Define your personal mission.

Determine your end goal.

Get to work! Not sure where to start? We got you. All year long. Voice of Impact was created for you to be able to take a mindful 4-step approach to growing your leadership voice and branding it to meet your business objectives (and make social impact). Become a Voice of Impact today!