A personal brand is a living, breathing entity. It is the first impression that your customer will have of you, as well as your business. Personal branding goes past “selling to your customer” - it is about connecting to your customer, for the long haul.  


What’s the ROI?  you ask.


A personal brand provides more value to you in the long run than quick sales and negotiations, because it leaves a longer lasting impact, it builds a strong professional relationship, which will become the basis for consistent future sales. Then, when you get your next business idea, you have an existing foundation to launch it from.


The most important thing to remember when branding yourself is: People appreciate genuinity. They want transparency in people and they want it in their products and services, too. Your personal brand must be genuine and authentic. This leads us to step one of building a strategic, powerful personal brand:

  1. Consistency is key.


A consistent voice will trump a perfect voice, every time.

It doesn’t matter how “on point” a brand voice sounds if it cannot maintain that level of perfection. It is more important to be genuine and honest. If your brand tone does not match your personal brands’ vibe, your customers will feel the discrepancies between the two, and this inconsistency will cause the customer to develop insecurities about giving your organization their business.


A perfect voice might reel in some first-time customers, but a consistent brand voice will fortify your business partnerships, and bring in serious and potentially long-term customers. A personal brand must be responsible for the quality and legitimacy of the content that they provide.

  1. Utilize those Voice Vehicles.


Your personal brand is what builds the bonds of trust and loyalty, it is what keeps you and your business relevant to the target audience. So, where does your audience hang out, and what Voice Vehicle will get you in front of them?


Voice Vehicles are the medium in which you choose to communicate with the public - in specific, your target market. They are speaking, building an online course, publishing a book, create an offline community, teach as a professor, or a land a paid advisory board position.


It’s time to take a thorough look at your thought leadership and your personality and decide how you will monetize your voice. We talk you through these Voice Vehicles as part of the Voice of Impact content, learn more here.

  1. Own your voice. Don’t try to be someone you’re not.


This is a terminology you may already be familiar with, just in a different context. In the branding world, this means - don’t let market research lead you to lose your voice. Of course there are people out there doing what you’re doing BUT they’re not doing it HOW you do it.




We hope that these three pillars of brand building serve you well, ladies and gents. For more educative morsels, join Voice of Impact and equip yourself with leadership and personal brand building tools that will serve both your short-term, and long-term goals. If you don’t want to go down the personal brand journey alone, contact Own Your Voice Strategy Firm and start off on the right foot, with guidance from the experts, contact us here.