Your First Step

The 1 step you need to take to have an effective personal brand
Personal. Brand. Building.

Why does this matter to you? Let us throw a quick fact at ‘ya:

“A recent study by Upwork revealed that the freelance workforce is growing at a rate 3x faster than the overall workforce in the U.S. By 2027, freelancers are expected to make up the majority of the U.S. workforce.”

The freelance market is coming up BIG, people. This is the time to brand yourself, if you haven’t already bought a domain name for your (or your children’s) name, we suggest you jump on it.

Personal branding is relevant for community leaders, CEO’s and college students. It is for individuals with a pocket full of powerful intentions, seeking to stay relevant and get ahead of the game. You see, a personal brand embodies you, your career goals, and your business. It represents your values and unique approach to the same work others are doing. It is not boastful, it’s a tool to be leveraged to integrate your passion (your “why”) with your profession, enabling you to pay it forward by publishing your thought leadership. Hello virtual mentor!

Impactful branding leaves you with little to prove. You are viewed as an established leader and often, this forward facing communication makes you more approachable as a thought leader (vs. being seen as the cold, distant and unreachable head of a company), and provides a human voice for your audience to identify with.

“Your brand is what distinguishes you from your competitors, helping to form a lasting impression in the mind of your audience and customers.”  

For the average joe, building a personal brand sounds like an intimidating task. One that requires copious amounts of precious resources a.k.a time and money - But it is not so, Joe, it is not so.

The building blocks of your personal brand are not limited to time-consuming websites, which can be complicated to generate. Building your personal brand can be as simple as a clearly organized paragraph that is straightforward about your value.


That is the 1 step you need to take: summarize the value of YOU in the professional world.

Your personality. Your approach. Your voice.

Tell your LinkedIn followers how you swiftly led your team to victory and gained a new client, or perhaps you developed a more efficient way to input and organize data; whatever “floats” your boat and upgraded it to a cruise ship - that is the talent (value) you are bringing to the table.

Own that!

You can also take advantage of the “About Me” section on your website and use it as a forum on which to state your value, intentions, and establish the identity of your personal brand.

“Ask your professional network to give you a testimonial or a “co-sign.” Have them highlight what you do well and how you're becoming a leader in your industry.”  (5 Ways To Build A Powerful Personal Brand, Forbes, 2018)

Brand value is the foundation that’ll dictate how tall you can build your personal brand.

Your value factors in experience, education, and skills - among other ingredients that make up a seasoned professional. Once you have established and understood your personal brand’s value, you can begin strategizing and monetizing (yas!).

This is not an overnight process, you must deliver value consistently, set your rates accordingly, and bump up the prestige of your personal brand value by increasing credibility through content.

Credibility is gained by knowledge. Becoming well versed in what you want to do is absolutely crucial to manning a powerful brand. After all, knowledge is power. Educate yourself by reading books related to honing a particular skill, learning new software relevant in your industry, or attend conferences that will nurture professional growth.

Your value is based on what you bring to the table.

Develop a  personal brand that delivers by becoming a Voice of Impact.


Don’t feel like doing it alone, no problem, Own Your Voice Strategy Firm specializes in personal branding and various “Voice Vehicles” that will help you develop and scale a profitable personal brand, contact us here.