Have you ever wondered how you can brand yourself to bring together your years of experience AND exemplify that special touch of personality that only you bring?


Look no further - we are here to give you solopreneur, entrepreneur’s, and corporate goddesses and gladiators a vessel for distributing content that resonates with your goals and highlights the uniqueness of your thought leadership.  In the branding world we sum this up to one word: POSITIONING.


An important point to remember before formulating your personal brand positioning is to allow yourself to think big and fluid. You’re applying a theme at first (connector or innovator) before pinpointing your niche (I can land a meeting with anyone).   


Creating a blueprint for your personal brand begins with your personal values, which turns into valuable content.


Branding yourself requires you to think of yourself in a way that is flexible, and dynamic - your brand has to be able to evolve with the wants and needs of your target audience. That’s how you stay relevant in their minds. This keeps your brand from being dumped into the general miscellaneous space, along with the others. At Own Your Voice Strategy Firm we love to have our clients ask 25 people to describe them in three words, then you take that list and understand how other people position you.


A second, and equally important point for brand positioning - share the different facets of your brand’s persona. This will keep your content fresh, showing your audience your various sides, and this is the crux that every personal brand comes to - what is authentic for me to share, but still values my private life.


We are big believers that boundaries build the dream, and for you to be a Voice of Impact, you must identify what parts of you will be shared publicly. We call that your brand’s ecosystem.


How to structure your personal brand’s ecosystem


Creative Buckets are the main concepts of a campaign’s theme. You start with who you want to reach, then picture this person sitting across the table from you. What part of their life would they find interesting, authentic to you, or valuable to them.  Allow these Creative Buckets to help you to decide what type of content you will make, and who you want to reach. We walk you through the entire process in the Voice of Impact membership, invest in your marketing strategy today!



Push authenticity


Just because your fellow personal brand builders may be posting pictures of their kids or of the romantic, quiet dinner they shared with their partner does not mean that this is the same type of content that you have to regurgitate. Perhaps your reason for existing isn’t kids, maybe its food. Maybe you are a traveler and not a homebody, you’ve got to embrace your lifestyle to create a truly authentic brand. Decide on stories that are relevant and relatable to your target audience. The more real you get with your perfect customer, the more relatable you will become to them which keeps them coming back.

Don’t be afraid to get real!


At Own Your Voice, we talk you through the steps of designing one of these in our Mindful Marketing course material. Building a personal brand can be intimidating, luckily you don’t need to go through it alone!  Contact Us.