EQ vs. EI

There is an increased effort to infuse the workplace with Emotional Intelligence as leaders are waking up to the hard benefits of these soft skills.

Have you heard this statement?  

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

The ability to produce emotionally intelligent communications both internally and externally, will attract the minds you want to add to your team and client portfolio. It will also enable you to maneuver within these relationships with integrity, efficacy, and efficiency.

Before you get to shake hands with the people, get mindful with your voice.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) can be defined as: The ability to monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discern between different emotions and label them appropriately. EI helps us to express our emotions and maintain relationships, cope with challenges and make effective decisions.

Meanwhile, Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the standardized score that measures our emotional quotient. Factually, there are 6 key emotional intelligence instruments or assessments, we’ve listed these at the bottom of this article. Think of these EQ assessments as a way to set KPI’s for awareness, understanding, and processing of your own emotions as well as the emotions of others.

From an internal standpoint, our industries have evolved from aiming solely towards producing to understanding when, and how people are most productive. The shift is to take care of employees - so they can keep taking care of business.  

You and your employees (or subcontractors) thrive when your values are in line with your organization and customer values. Attracting your best employee or customer takes mindful marketing - a year membership with Voice of Impact will have you honing in on self awareness and social awareness along with an emotionally intelligent brand voice within 2 quarters!

How do you apply EI to your marketing?

It’s a shift in messaging that is rooted in human connection and values.

Teaching you how to develop an emotionally intelligent brand voice and mindful marketing campaigns is our purpose. This moves businesses towards a type of marketing that is centered around human values, effecting positive impact, and creating sustainable solutions in our professional environment - not making people feel less-than, keeping them down, and manipulating your customer to rely on your product or service; as Forbes recently wrote:

“The choice that marketers face is between being strategic and proactive, and simply reacting to external stimuli…”

 Market research is when your EI skills need to kick in the most as a mindful marketer.  When eyeing the competitive landscape resist the impulse to multitask. Studies show that while multitasking, women’s IQs drop an average of 5 points, and men’s drops by 15 when engaging in multitasking (Why Mindfulness Is The Revolution In Marketing, Forbes); Don’t fall prey to the multitasking trap, which results in inefficiency and leaves space for making mindless errors, put your focus where your mouth is.

Often, when we have a long laundry list of tasks to complete we attempt to spread ourselves thin; this behavior can especially arise in the world of marketing, when real time content is in high demand with little value given to the time needed for quality content creation. You can easily repeat the pattern of messaging in words and imagery, what we call copy/paste positioning.

Here are your first three steps to integrating mindfulness into your marketing ideation time:

  1. Sleep on it. Do your market research, write down your ideas, then step away for 24 hours before writing/designing for your brand.

  2. Do not disturb: put your phone away when you’re writing and designing.

  3. Read it aloud to three people, and ask them how your content ideas make them feel, then use their feedback to develop content ideation that will incite powerful responses from your audience.

Mindful marketing makes a point to ensure that what the audience is exposed to carries substance, and thought value along with their message.

Invest in your leadership and marketing abilities by becoming a Voice of Impact today!


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