Don't let them.



In this day and age, a personal brand has become more than just a way to promote yourself - it is a way to take charge of your company’s identity, become the leader that aligns your voice with your goals.


Personal branding is no longer an option; it’s a powerful leadership enabler.


Personal branding is a voyage that requires you to assert yourself as a conscious leader. One who makes the daily commitment to developing themselves in their profession and their content reflects this mastery.


The consequences of not owning your personal brand is that you will leave room for others to define you and your business, based on their opinions and terms.  Become a voice with substance, a vehicle of truth, and your own champion by intentionally developing a personal brand.


Don’t let them fill in your blank! To avoid having your narrative stolen, assert your narrative on your own terms. Your personal brand is a living, breathing insignia, your career goals “coat of arms.” It’s a resource to be protected and nurtured. As the leader of a brand, you shape the direction of your brand, and nurture the intent of this dynamic motif.


You are in charge of making your personal brand known. Your thought leadership doesn’t speak for itself, YOU have to be its voice. As a leader you know that the first thing a client, a recruiter, or future organization is going to do (let alone your first-date) is google you. Be a trusted source in the digital world by mindfully curating your online reputation. It’s not only good ROI for your dating life, it actively positions you in the mind of others as a conscious (+ strategic) leader in your niche.


Now, you can show up and get to work versus proving you’re good enough to do the work.


As you ponder on your positioning, we invite you to read the last article about your personal brand’s ecosystem.  We know the biggest trepidation for professionals is looking authentic and still being taken seriously. Don’t sweat the small stuff. What do we mean? Along your journey as a truth-seeker, experience-speaker you are bound to rattle some chains. We say, let them rattle.

It’s important for you to identify your BEST customer. This is a person that is in the market for your solution and is the type of personality best suited for you (let’s not do business with energy vampires).  In the branding world, just as in the real world you’ve got to know what you stand for. If chains do rattle, it should be because you are breaking those chains for good reason.


As a leader with a personal brand, your brand may break the mold that binds industries to toxic patterns and methods. Most people are afraid of change, but the creator of a personal brand must be fearless. This does not mean owning a negative or critical tone - the purpose of owning your voice is not to cause unnecessary controversy but to bring light to events or situations that could use a change or at least a conversation. A conscious leader owns a voice that is just, sage, and unbiased.

Learning the ins and outs of personal branding can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to figure it out all by yourself, that’s why we’ve created Voice of Impact annual membership - to support your leadership efforts and personal branding initiatives ALL YEAR LONG!