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I'm Sahar Paz, a conscious leader, professional speaker, and personal branding expert; It's only fitting to tell you all about me, in my own voice

Your Voice Is My Mission

Blending my extensive experience in marketing, finance, and fashion education, I've built a global business dedicated to helping leaders scale their impact through emotionally intelligent brand and communication strategies.

A young entrepreneur with a relentless pursuit to generate social impact, I’m proud to have never wavered from my core value of integrity. I created a body of work dedicated to leaders like you who want to find and own an emotionally intelligent voice.

Through an award-winning memoir, “Find Your Voice: The Life You Crave Is A Conversation Away,” a flourishing speaking calendar, and an audience in more than 25 countries listening to the Own Your Voice Podcast, I am dedicated to sharing words of wisdom to champion your communication skills and personal brand.   

Today, I am the CEO of Own Your Voice Strategy Firm, a personal branding firm specializing in crafting emotionally intelligent communication strategies for leaders and their organizations. While setting the stage to achieve Benefit Corporation status, our team hosts an annual social impact initiative, Own Your Voice Summit, providing a vehicle for Voices of Impact in communities worldwide.

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You’re probably wondering - how does a woman who has so much to say end up dedicating her life to the voices of others? 

From early on in my life, I witnessed the transformative power of a leader’s voice on systems, organizations, and everyday people. 

I became acutely aware of the words that went unsaid.

Born during a revolution, I witnessed firsthand the effects of my community losing its voice—and though I was only a child, that stayed with me. 

Amidst all this unease, I opened my ears and found my voice. I observed and adapted—met challenges and persevered. In those early years, the courage I found is the foundation on which my leadership qualities stemmed and what the Own Your Voice Strategy Firm was built decades later.

From leveraging my personal brand to pivot from finance to fashion education in New York City, to leaving it all to write a book on the beaches of Puerto Rico, that took my voice to the same stages as Brene Brown and Jane Goodall, opening doors to land clients like HBO, Facebook, and Whole Foods - I am living proof that the life you crave is a conversation away. Find your voice, then OWN it!

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The extreme shift in today’s business setting has made every professional realize the relevancy of their online reputation and communication skills. By 2027, 50% of the workforce will be freelance or contract-based, which means you need to be prepared to pitch yourself. Owning your voice is the foundation of your personal brand, and I will help you stay empowered and employed as the world’s industries and technologies continue to adapt and evolve.

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