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Find your voice. Build a personal brand. Transform your future.

Find Your Voice

An emotionally intelligent approach to getting out of your own way to find, free, and use your most authentic voice.


Own Your Voice

Build your personal brand, leverage your influence on social media, and successfully pitch yourself to speak.


My Vision Meets Your Voice


Meet your instructor, Sahar Paz.

One of the things I'm know for saying is: "The same person that stands in the bedroom stands in the boardroom."   I make sure to talk to the person and the professional through all of our courses and masterminds. 

I have a core value is to never forget where I came from and this platform is my way of paying it forward to you. 

I work with women who want to find their voice and stop holding themselves back by growing their emotional intelligence.

I champion conscious leaders ready to own their voices through a personal brand and an impactful social media and speaking strategy. 

Voice of Impact Community Members Are:

  • You're ready to build self awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • You're motivated to stop holding your voice back, especially when dealing with Impostor Syndrome.
  • You want your reputation to precede you by launching an impactful personal brand. 
  • You are ready to identify your TEDx talk or keynote
  • You want to know the ins-and-outs of pitching and optimizing your speaking engagements. 
  • You're inspired to make an impact and leave the world a little bit better. 


"Sahar is a passionate, wise and experienced personal brand expert who has helped me so much during my rebranding process. She goes above and beyond for her clients. Most recently, I had a very important meeting for my TV pilot project with an EVP at Paramount (Viacom) and her guidance was instrumental in preparing for it adequately and shining during the meeting. Because of her guidance and support, my meeting was a success and more opportunities will be coming my way with this project! "

Nubia W.
Founder, Cielo Consulting



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